Muharram/Ashura 2017 | Muharram ul Haram Ki Ibadat Facts

For many reasons 10th day of moharram (the day of Ashura / Ashoora) is observed as a very important day for both shia and sunni muslims. Any philosophers believe that the name ashura a derived from arabic language and the indication of 10th day of Muharram. Sunni Muslims believe that Ashura is a day of respect and gratitude, why Shia Muslims believe that this day is the indication of mourning and sorrow.
All over the world millions of muslims are ready to celebrate the holy month of Muharram which marks the first month of Islamic calendar. The first 10 days of this month, all muslims attend special prayers meeting in different mosques and secret residences. And during the 9th, 10th and 11th day of Muharram, Muslims observes fast from dawn to dusk. During this month mostly Shia Muslims, mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), son of Imam Ali (RA) and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Muharram: Key Facts to Know About This 'Month of Sacrifice'

  1. Muslim consider this month of Muharram as a sacred Month after the holy month of Ramadan. 
  2. In Holy Quran the month of Muharram is also mentioned several times. 
  3. The word Muharram is derived from the word “forbidden”. 
  4. Moharam is considered as the first month in Islamic calendar. 
  5. The date of Muharram changes every year depending on the movement of moon. 
  6. Shia and Sunni Muslim different traditions which they follow in this month. 
  7. Sunni Muslim fast for 10 days in Muharram. 

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On this day of muharram many couple hurt themselves with special made knife and sword in the name of Allah, but Minors taking part in the Muharram procession shall not be forced to injure themselves. Muharram procession is very dangerous for people who cannot tolerate this kind of pain and injury to their own body. During this day you can see big muharram juloos carried out by many Muslim religion following people. You can also see mourning of muharram in the morning of muharram, this year ashura muharram 2017 will be very important for everyone because hari asyura 10 muharram is on its way. Many muslims believe that muharram ashura ki namaz is important for every Muslim because muharram ashura ki dua is heard and accepted by Allah on the day of ashura muharram.

Special muharram ul haram ki ibadat

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. Muharram ul Haram means forbidden and has two different meaning for both shia and sunni Muslims. Muharram ul haram 2017 is going to be celebrated on 1 October. Pictures of Muharram ul Haram motivate many of US to participate in this muharram procession but we also remember that this my hurt minors so we should always try to stop minors and sikh people to participate in this act. Muharram ul Haram has a very deep meaning in Urdu which will be explained below in this article. Many great philosophers have given speech on muharram ul haram in urdu, you should definitely hear them we will be providing youTube video below where you can watch and hear a speech as well as also listen muharram ul haram poetry. In Madarsa, muslim students are given to write muharram ul haram essay in urdu which day enjoy to write every year during the festival of Muharram. These students are also allowed to hear muharram ul haram ki fazilat in urdu which help them to understand about the muharram ul haram history in english.
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